How did we get here and how do we get out?

How many people choose to work in a call centre? Has anyone ever wanted to work in a call centre? Was it something they told their school, college or, so we are now told, university careers adviser; did they march in and say ‘yes I choose to dedicate my working life to following the way of the headset’????

Certainly not me and whatever our friends at Hayes Contact Centres say which is:

The majority of contact centre professionals are happy to be working in this industry and the survey results give us an indication as to why. Many, driven by their personal career plans, see it as a rewarding career and one with a clear route of progression, with many of them viewing it as a long term career.”

I’m just inclined to plain disbelieve them. I mean who were they asking? I don’t think it could have been anyone who I’ve ever met.

I’m more inclined to believe people like Anonymous Cog the writer of the blog ‘Call Center Purgatory’ If the title doesn’t scream where they’re coming from at you like an enraged customer then the account of finally getting away from the call centre will.

I remembered the speech Morgan Freeman gave in Shawshank Redemption,

“These walls are funny. First you hate them, then you get used to them, until it gets to you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.”

But I also remembered the one quote from Shawshank that was the real message, “Get busy living or get busy dying.” I’d had enough of this place. A life outside of here had to be better, no matter what. If I failed, at least I failed trying. And I would give all I could.”

There is a line supposedly from the Second World War. Something along the lines of it being every captured officer’s duty to attempt to escape.  It seems to me it is also the duty of every call centre worker to escape.


2 thoughts on “How did we get here and how do we get out?

  1. So true … maybe you know that joke about a man hitting himself over the head with a hammer, when asked why he would do that the guy answered : “Because it feels so good when I stop.”

    I’m a former (Yeah, I actually escaped) call-centre veteran (4 years in post-sales + 4 years pre-sales) … your blog brings back a lot of memories.

    Keep up the good work and return to your desk pronto there’s 4 calls waiting … 😉

    • Thanks. Yeah, those pesky waiting calls!

      Congratulations on escaping the call-centre. Reading your posts I’m struck by how many universal elements there are in the industry such as the obsession with call-stats and wrap up times.

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