All in it together

When I started in the call-centre there was a pleasant sense of camaraderie. The job was hard and thankless, but we were all in it together, no one was above anyone else. Of course there was the various managers, and admin always saw themselves as a heartbeat from management, but the bulk of us were just a homogenous mass.

I liked this. After years of local government where in every team there were numerous job titles all with different levels of status and at different pay grades it was refreshing not to have to worry about status on the shop floor.

Lately though all this has begun to change. Our homogenous mass is growing ever differentiated. This is down to our new manager who using the lull following the Christmas rush has been busy splitting people into groups concentrating on different tasks and giving one of the team a pseudo-supervisory role where they do all the training and inductions.  They also seem to have been exempted from the new clear-desk policy and are not frowned upon for getting out of their seat (the measure of power in the call centre is movement; managers move freely, but the rest of us must remain at our desks at all times). This has gone down badly among the rest of the team who regard the individual concerned with a degree of suspicion and even contempt.

No longer are we all in it together.


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