Blimey. What a day! Spent most of it battling with a malfunctioning computer system which wouldn’t allow me to take card payments as well as being temperamental with the post code search and generally deciding it wasn’t going to hurry itself to do anything at all -How I wish I could work like that. By mid-day the perfect storm had hit as we became overwhelmed by people who were having problems placing orders on the website and who logically picked up the phone to call customer services.

In these situations we are caught between the expectations of customers who despite being told all systems are down nearly always insist on proceeding with their order and those of the company itself anxious not to lose any business. It all feels a bit like being a waiter on a ship and being expected to carry out silver service whilst the boat is pitched about by giant waves. Time to reach for the emergency supply box marked simply ‘pen & paper’.

To tell the truth I feel a little hard done by. This is because since management have started more actively funneling calls from particular companies to particular people I bore the brunt of todays I.T mishap as it occurred on the system of the company I seem to be getting the most calls for. This means that my call times will be drastically up come the end of the month, by which time today’s problem will be just a vague memory.

On the positive side though I was pleasantly surprised by how my customers responded. With the exception of the customer who I was dealing with when the problem first hit and must have just believed it to be incompetence on my part, all of them were very patient and understanding. This helps us immeasurably and does a bit to restore some faith in human nature to someone who has grown a little cynical.


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