The call centre prison

On rare occasions the drab grey interior of the call centre,  the tedium, the scruitiny, and the lack of movement lead me to compare call centre life with being in a prison. This is of course a ridiculous comparison as the call centre is in reality a very different place, or so I imagine, to a prison.

In the case of a prison near Hyderabad, India, however, the two seem to have been succesfuly combined. Hyderabad is an area famous for its outsourcing industry so in a way the call-centre-in-a-prison has a certain logic far beyond my earlier comparison. In fact it is interesting how, as one prisoner featured in the article states, the call centre is providing him with hope for the future.

Another participant in the project points to the enviable lifestyles of those employed in the industry outside the prison gates. An industry the article suggests many young Indians are clamouring to be part of.

Not so much a prison, the call centre is for these people very much a route to freedom.


One thought on “The call centre prison

  1. Interesting! Yes, people in India seem to make good money from call centre work. But they may not have much of a social life as they have to work during daytime…. in America or Europe!

    For the prisoners, it’s definitely a job they could do in the future, maybe it will keep them out of prison!

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