Election update

You may remember I spoke of a plan to secure victory for two ‘preferred candidates’ in the election for the official accolade of best customer services and best team-player

It seems that our manager has picked up on this ruse as today I overheard a snippet of conversation between her and another individual. The part I heard was when the manager was told “we’ll have to tell them thanks for voting, but some people have voted for the same two people so we’ll have to disregard those votes” I couldn’t hear the rest, but it appeared as if some kind of council was being held in the far corner of the room.

As of the end of the working day memo has yet to come, but I’m anticipating the response when it does come will be to express disappointment that a minority have chosen to entice others into ruining what was meant to be a celebration of individual achievement, or some such rubbish.

Myself I have to say that I’m proud of the team. The elections were free and fair and there was no coercion. Quite simply the team felt that singling out individuals for public praise, based not on facts, but impressions and personal politics was the wrong way to go. We all do a tough often emotionally demanding job in difficult circumstances and for the most part we do this professionally and competently. The managers intentions may have been honorable, but I just hope this gives them an opportunity to reflect on their policies. We are one team working together and the paradox is that by elevating one individual as the ‘best team-player’ the togetherness which supports this team-work ethic becomes lost.


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