There was a point today- sometime in the late-morning, when I let my head drop to my desk; my forehead pressing against the keyboard. Today was all about the sheer frustration of working in a call-centre. Frustration with the workload; force-fed calls for an eight hour shift with no gaps in-between calls. Frustration with having to have the same conversation again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Frustration at the greed of companies taking on more orders than they know they can fulfil. Frustration with the mind numbing stupidity of  some of our companies systems (sometimes they just really do defy belief). Frustration with not being able to do a single thing to improve these systems. Frustration with management for spending whole days either a.) Staring blankly at their live-feed call stats display or b.) wandering round chatting, rather than jumping in the trenches and actually feeling what it’s like to do the job…. and finally frustration that somehow all the twists and turns of life and the dice rolls of fortune have led to me being sat here in the call centre.


One thought on “Frustration

  1. This is very true, the life of call center agent is very stress full . This stress can be unbearable and formidable for both their personal and professional lives. This is the responsibility of BPO company to overcome this condition by organizing motivational camps and yoga workshops to help them deal with the stress and fulfill there targets. During the eight to nine hours of work, one hour is compulsory allowed for winding up the work and just for sheer relaxation.

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