Feeling vindicated

It’s always nice to get one over on managers and today I managed to do just that!

It all started when a customer called last week. They had been on one of our clients website and ordered an item they believed was compatible with an item they already had. Upon delivery they realised that the item they ordered was in fact not compatible so they picked up the phone….

I managed to figure that what had happened was that the customer had an older version of the current model. Though we carry the item she wanted it is not available on the website so I asked her to send the wrong item back and we’d replace with the one she needed.

The customer however, was unhappy that they would have to pay the postage costs and wanted assurance these would be waived. I informed her that company policy was that the company would not, but figured that maybe she had at least a glimmer of a case so with my customer service hat on decided to fill out an enquiry form and pass it onto a manager to decide.

Today the customer called back. Now, it’s not often we get to see what happens when we complete an enquiry form as we receive no real feedback, they just disappear into the ether; that is unless they are returned to us with a rebuke that we should have been able to deal with it ourselves. As I scanned the contact notes my eye was caught by the manager’s response to my initial query:

operator should be aware that as customer ordered item via web customer is then responsible for return postage

This annoyed me for one reason above all others; namely that I was just providing good customer service. I know the rules around refunds, but I also know from experience and training that customers need to be offered a solution, even if that is just speaking to a manager who reiterates what I told them. The manager however, decided that I had not done my job by troubling them with the enquiry. The way I see it it was a case of them not wanting to do theirs.

As I looked at the note beneath however, my mood lightened. When another member of staff had called back to inform the customer of the managers ruling the customer had stood their ground and evidently had a good grasp of legislation advising that as it had not been clear in the information provided on the website that  the item was not compatible (and the customer had a point here as the names were very similar) the company was at fault. The manager hurriedly backtracked and according to the next note had sent the customer a pre-paid postage label which she had called to tell us she’d received.

Nothing like feeling vindicated.


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