Just Another Manic Monday

Wish it was Sunday? Well, I really don’t care; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.. whatever, just no more manic Monday’s please!!!!!!

When I hooked up today I was oblivious to the day I was about to have.  The first call appeared on my screen the instant I hit the available button, but this was nothing unusual for a Monday.

Like any Monday the calls kept coming. I ploughed through them and looked forward to coming up for air when they thinned out later in the morning, usually around eleven, then putting my feet up in the afternoon in the quiet time which seems to come around three in the hour before the peak day-time operators log-off at four. If I was lucky I may even be able to have a chat to the person opposite me.

Not today. One of our clients happened to have a major ad campaign in the weekend papers, and another made one of their customary monumental ‘computer errors’ which saw several thousand people being sent things they hadn’t ordered. Owing to our managers sectioning up of the office into teams thankfully I didn’t have to deal with th fall out from the misfiring mainframe, just deal with routine orders, again, and again and again and again.

Not one second between calls at any point today. I don’t know why I’m typing this, I really should be giving myself a break from the screen and keyboard, but I have something to get off my chest. It’s something of a mystery to me about just what function my manager performs.

Today, like any other she just sits at her desk facing the rest of us and stares at her screen. She doesn’t seem to be typing or doing anything else, just staring with a semi-glazed expression. Occasionally one of several ‘chosen ones’ will be invited behind the desk to stare at the screen as well. So far I have not been invited to partake in this pursuit so I can only guess they’re looking at real-time call-stats.

The thing I really fail to understand is what staring at stats achieves? Maybe it’s like when you get a stain on your favourite shirt and you find yourself staring at it in the hope that it will somehow go away, or maybe its like that film ‘Men Who Stare at Goats’ in which they try to kill goats by staring at them, could that be what my managers doing trying to kill us, or at least those of us with high call-times, by staring at our call stats?

It’s not as if anything productive ever emerges from this staring business, there’s been no new ways of working, or anything which would remotely improve the stats. Our manager never stands on her desk and begins imploring us to work harder and faster like some Soviet commissar and today there was no signs of frantic calls to get more people in and on the phones. What gets me most though is that when it’s busy, surely wouldn’t it improve the stats if our manager stopped watching them and grabbed a headset. I know then I’d have some respect for her for pitching into the mire experiencing the job from the front-line, feeling our pressures, but she doesn’t she just goes on watching.


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