My work nightmare

Last night I literally had a nightmare about work! It’s not often that I dream of work; usually it happens to me just after starting a new job the result, I assume, of cramming in so much new information into my brain that it all overspills and needs to be mopped up by my subconscious. Those  dreams always tend to take the form of me struggling to perform whatever task it is that the new job involves.

Last night was very similar; It involved me taking a call for a client I had never heard of. The caller wanted to know the address of head office so I tried to look this up, but the info was confusing as there were three addresses listed. I then tried to speak to my manager and ended up in a conversation with the owner of my firm an amiable, but physically imposing man in his sixties (who I’m told was a boxer in his youth) The owner gave me the info I was asking for and we ended up having a general chat. Returning to my desk I then found I’d been logged off my phone. I tried to log back in, but kept keying in the code wrong. I kept on getting the code wrong and became increasingly worried as I knew the owner was nearby and that my manager would know from the stats that I’d not taken a call for over an hour. I then realise I’ve been trying to log into what looks like a toy phone and the reason I haven’t been able to log in was because some of the digits I needed were missing…. and that’s all I really remember

Now, I have one of those stand up calendars on my desk – a promotional gift from some company in the business of safety equipment. It’s a tear-off one which for some reason I find a very satisfying way of marking the passing of time just ripping it off and casting it in the bin. When I’m bored I also use my pen to turn the plain blue number on each piece of paper into a 3-d image and once made a crude flick book animation of a frown becoming a smile as the week progressed from Monday to Friday. Anyway the reason I mention the calendar is that for each day there is a corny nugget of wisdom; one recent one being ‘a dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read’  so I’m going to have a go at interpreting my dream here…..

Though I’m no expert this dream seems very straightforward. My work dreams always take place at times when there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Starting a new job is invariably an anxious as well as exciting time. Lost is the comforting blanket of familiarity, and in creep many questions; what do they think of me, will I fit in, can I even do the job? I’m sure that this weeks revelations have torn away the blanket and left me feeling more exposed.

As for the central role of the owner though he’s not a day-to-day part of the job I’m sure there’s a link between the announcement of his forthcoming  ‘retirement’ and the 20% cut in our hours. I spoke to a friend with a background in finance yesterday. I gave him all the juicy details about comings and goings at the firm and have used his suggestions to cobble together a conspiracy theory.

As for the rest I have no idea at all.


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