Get us out of here

Today was the first day for all of us under our new reduced hours. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the office was our manager wasn’t at her desk. Must be a job interview I instantly said to myself; pure speculation, but unlike a lot at the moment it at least seemed logical. I did feel sorry for her last week as she seemed to be totally exasperated by the task of trying to reduce our hours and maintain enough cover to keep our clients from shouting about lost profits. As she told me my new hours I risked a “so how is all this going to work?” adding for effect that I hadn’t had a gap between calls for weeks. My managers response suggested she had as many misgivings as the rest of us confiding how tough she’d been finding it to draw up a new schedule; “I don’t see it lasting long” was her final word on the issue.

Or maybe she’s had her hours cut as well? I don’t know the answer either way ,but it seems unlikely that this would be on Monday which is an all hands on deck day. Today it was so busy two of the admin staff were forced back onto the phones they thought they’d seen the back of when they got ‘promoted’ (bizarrely in a call-centre it is the call-operators who are the pond-life) yet by late morning we’d dropped 150 calls on one client alone which was sure to get them shouting. Either way I would have thought she’d want to be in and monitoring the live stats feed on such an important day.

I let this thought slide as I plunged into the torrent. As unrelenting as ever the only breaks came when we made ourselves unavailable. Grabbing a few moments of conversation in one of these artificial breaks the person next to me asked me if I thought the manager was at a job interview! “well funnily enough” I said…

Even if our manager is staying put it seems all the rest of us are looking for an exit. The reduction though we’re told is temporary has rocked our confidence in the firm. Pulling the rug from under us at a  moments notice has had the effect of leaving us all with a sense of unease and even shock. I actually feel a sense of betrayal – I’ve worked so hard, probably the hardest in any job I have had, have taken thousands and thousands of calls and my only reward is trying to figure how I’m going to pay the rent.




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