The Call-Centre Promised Land

I met up with a former colleague today who was positively on a high since leaving the call-centre at the end of last week and starting her new job the beginning of this week. It’s still in a call-centre, but this place is in a proper office building, as opposed to a seedy shed in the wrong part of town, with a reception desk and no doubt pot-plants too. As I waited for my friend outside I spotted smartly dressed bright young things practically skipping out of the office. Maybe I was looking at this through rose-tinted specs, but that’s really how it seemed.

My former colleague eventually emerged, beaming as she told me she’d been put forward as a team-leader. I reflected that in our place it would take 10 years before you’d even get a sniff of a supervisor role, maybe play your cards right and you’d find yourself in an admin role after 5, but as a general rule promotions just don’t happen.  She also mentioned  a team meeting… a team meeting! The concept of democracy at work seems revolutionary after so long. Whatsmore, my colleague who consistently logged the lowest average call time in our place said that the focus was on building relationships with customers, not on call times. You could, she said, easily spend 20 minutes talking to someone and it’s great.

Then she said it… ‘why don’t you give me your CV tomorrow?’

Better get back to it


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