My wonderful customers

If anyone tells you a job in a call-centre is interesting ignore them. It is the most dull job in the world. Rarely does anything out of the ordinary occour and you find yourself repeating the same phrases again and again and again and again. Just sometimes though this tragic monotony can be dissapated by a ray of comedy light. Take this customer for instance who called to ask me:


“You know it says here free gifts worth £30 I don’t have to pay for them do I?”



I don’t think I need to say anymore.


3 thoughts on “My wonderful customers

  1. Ah mate! It sounds like your customers are just as delightful and fun as the people we have here at RWBS. There really is nothing as rewarding as a call centre, is there? I mean, I certainly go to bed every night with an empty bottle of gin and a loaded gun.

  2. Well, I found working in a call center interesting for all the horror stories I have collected. Also, I now have nerves of steel. But yeah, apart from that, if I had the choice again, I don’t think I’d choose to work in a cc again…

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