Am I psychic?

Some of my customers seem to think so. Take the lady who called today, the call going something like this;


CG: Hello xxxx Inc Call-guy speaking how can I help

Customer: You were sending me a refund cheque last week do you remember?


Not without knowing who you are I don’t. As the caller so far hasn’t given me anything that I could use to identify them, not their name, customer number, or postcode I’m forced to rely on psychic abilities alone as I really can’t remember the hundreds, if not thousands of people I speak to each week and I’m pretty sure I haven’t spoken to this one anyway.

Quite often too customers think we know more far more than we actually do which leads them to the belief that we intentionally withhold it for some kind of perverse fun. One customer today branded me ‘unhelpful’ as in a fit of honesty I confessed that I did not know when a product would be back in stock. This led to the “can you put me through to someone who does know…… oh come on someone there, a manager perhaps, must know what’s going on”…… no sir, really they don’t someone at head office might have an inkling, but they’d never tell us even if we asked. I think next time I might just give a vague “oh I hope it should be back in stock soon” line which  has served me well and if they continue to press give a vague “maybe a few weeks” and keep my fingers crossed that it isn’t me that takes the call in three weeks time when the item still hasn’t showed and the caller is surfing a wave of righteous indignation “but, I was told it would be here in three weeks, you lied to me!!!!!”




3 thoughts on “Am I psychic?

  1. I believe it is a common understanding to customers that when you contact a Service/Call Center that the person on the receiving end is seated in front of a computer that immediately pulls up a complete dossier including family history, blood type and what they had for breakfast that morning.

  2. I know the feeling. I used to work a switchboard and I got asked a million times. ‘What time will they be back?’

    So annoying. Although there can be worst moments.

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