The vacant office cubicle opposite the canteen is becoming horribly familiar to me. I was called in again by my manager today.

“Do you know why I’ve asked you in here?” she asked me

I had no idea what trumped up charge it would be this time. Adrenaline charged through my body like a bull maurauding through a Pampalonian alleyway.

“You logged in at 9.36” she said.

My start time is 9.30. We are made to get in early to be ready to take calls at our start time. For all the systems we have to log into now this means 10 minutes at least, though you can cut the time down by logging into the most used clients systems first and putting the customer on hold if its for another client.. “sorry the systems down” covers up a whole host of sins.

Anyway this morning I know I hit my log-in button at 9.30 on the button. I was outraged. My manager said it was all down in black and white she had the print-outs to prove her point. I’d logged in at 9.36  there was no arguing.

“But I know I logged in at 9.30. The figures must be wrong” I protested

It all ended up in the HR managers office. The end result is that I’m going to have my log-ins observed on five occasions. If the system is at fault that’s the end of it, if the system is proved reliable then I’m on a disciplinary.

“but I logged in at 9.30”

What more can I say.


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