Customer demands

Fancy a call-centre job in a nice sunny location? According to the Guardian the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have created one in Malaga and from the sounds of it you’ll be in for plenty of laughs courtesy of some poor deluded souls…..

The government had to set up a special call centre in Malaga, Spain, to filter inquiries. Recent ones included a request for Phil Collins’s telephone number and someone wanting to know the heir to the throne’s shoe size so she could send him a pair as a present. A caller in Malaga wanted to know in September where she could get Christmas lunch because everywhere she had rung so far was already full.

As funny as these things are the thing is I can well imagine that dealing with these calls isn’t always a pleasant experience as the callers are deadly serious and can become angry when you can’t actually help…. ‘but, I’m a customer’ I hear them cry…..therefore you should be making all my dreams come true… Isn’t that how customer service works?

I remember half chuckling and half wincing on hearing someones teenage sister had called ITV to complain about a contestant they liked being voted off the X-factor…I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the poor person in the call-centre being paid to take a verbal battering from waves of disappointed teen-girls all with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement.

A few times in my call-centre career I’ve had to scratch my head in wonder as to what planet some people are on. Once I had a lady get really, really angry that I couldn’t send flowers to Australia… when I explained that it was because of customs restrictions, and anyway the flowers wouldn’t survive, she came back with ‘well you should get them from a florist over there then why don’t you do that?’



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