The Call Centre Currency Converter

Working in a call centre you begin to think of money in an altogether different way. Currency in the call centre measured chiefly in terms of the number of customers you have to speak to. On many occasions I’ve considered the price of something and spluttered out loud incredulously  “I’ve had to speak to over a hundred customers for that!”

In the novel ‘One Night at the Call Centre’ set in a Delhi call centre one of the main characters Vroom reflects;

“This drink is three hundred bucks – it takes me almost a full night of two hundred irritating Americans screaming in my ear to earn it. Then I get this drink. Which is full of ice-cubes anyway.”

Whilst I don’t agree with Vroom’s negative view of Americans or identify with his pessamism (some may disagree on this second point!) I do understand his way of measuring the value of things. It’s a call centre thing.


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