Crazy Caller of the Day 4

If I miss anything about the call centre it’s the calls and callers that were a little out there- the ones which cut through the monotony of another day being hooked up to the phone-line and stuck on repeat.  My all time favourite still has to be the lady who confused a bath-bomb with a tasty treat which still makes me laugh out loud when I recall it.

The best crazy calls begin with the customer bursting into the conversation with righteous indignation and end with them shuffling out the door slightly abashed whilst feebly protesting that its not actually their fault. Their change in tone from anger to sheepishness is however, the ultimate giveawaythat they know they’re in the wrong.

For us in the call centre it’s a small victory:

Hello XXXinc Call Guy speaking. How can I help?

Well, I’ve been trying to send you an email but the address you’ve given me on your paperwork doesn’t work.

Oh dear, I’m sorry about that, I’m not aware of any problems with the email

I can tell you there is. Everytime I send an email it comes back rejected.

Let me check out for you. Would you be able to tell me what address you have there

It’s just

I mean the email address

What do you mean? That is the email address….

Erm, not quite

But it says ”get in touch with us via the web at”

Well that’s a web address you see, an email address will be something like, there will always be an @ in it.

Oh..well, it doesn’t make it clear does it..

How I miss these calls. This was my last ever crazy call, but fear not I’ve found a couple of links to more; the Call Centre Helper blog compiled a list of crazy calls including the most legendary tech support call which has been doing the rounds for years whilst the site The Phone Phunnies has another load of transcriptions and tales of crazy callers.

I still think the bath bomb call is the best ever though!


3 thoughts on “Crazy Caller of the Day 4

  1. Some people! I guess we have to remember not everyone is as internet-saffy as the rest of the world. They’re only about 20 years behind…

    Thanks for the links, I had fun reading the other crazy calls!

  2. Yes, thats very true, it seems there may still be people for whom the internet is a new place rather than a part of everyday life.

    Glad you liked the links 🙂

  3. Haha, I had a few of those too! My “favorite” callers are the one who answer “Windows” when you ask them what is their Internet browser. Then you have to proceed step by step… do you see a little blue “E” letter in the right top of your screen? Y/N…

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