Good Manager/ Evil Manager; The Managerial Matrix

It’s well documented in this blog that for a time I suffered at the hands of a bad manager in the call centre. I was therefore very intrigued to come across a theory espoused by Vroom – a character in Chetan Bhagat’s novel; One Night at The Call Centre.

Vroom explains: ‘there are four kinds of bosses in this world, based on two dimensions; a) how smart or stupid they are, and b) whether they are good or evil. Only with extreme good luck do you get a boss who is smart and a good human being. However, Bakshi falls ino the most dangerous and common category. He is stupid, as we all know, but he is evil too,’

I know where I’d place my old manager Peggy on the matrix.

Where would your boss go?


3 thoughts on “Good Manager/ Evil Manager; The Managerial Matrix

  1. My first manager was pretty much within the stupid axe and just at the border between good and evil… I’d say, not bad at heart, but stress made her a horrible person. 😉
    My current manager seems to be in the good&smart area, which is very surprising and relaxing!

  2. I bet it is, It makes a huge difference to your job having a good manager. A bad manager can make your work life truly miserable and stressful, even if otherwise the job and the organisation are ok. Glad to hear you’ve got a good one now :o)

  3. Old surfing – my old manager was definitely stupid and evil. A proper Bakshri. She was convinced I couldn’t even write customer letters – but when she second glanced the same, unwritten letter, she -passed- it. She was also extremely smarmy but dangerous. Last laugh – resigning over the telephone.

    My new manager is awesome. As a mum, she has kids, so knows how to deal with delinquents and the just-a-little-wayward. But I’m willing to do my best as she trreats her team as humans, not robots.

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