Secret Diary of a Call Centre: The book!

Right when I started this blog, my main aim was to reveal to as many people as possible what it felt like to be inside a call centre, to be a part of its machinery. It also helped me to feel a lot better, as if my daily trials had some wider point apart from dealing with endless complaints about self-combusting vacuum cleaners.

Some four years on I’ve ended up with a whole load of posts covering many different aspects of call centre life. As it is in blog format though it can be quite hard to navigate and pick out the more interesting bits. For quite a while I’ve been contemplating producing a ‘book of the blog’ type publication and now it feels the time is right.

I’ve actually been working on it for a good few months and it has been quite fun and more than a little illuminating reading through posts which I wrote a few years ago. I’ve also been adding in more biographical material about my relationship with the call centre, and have included a type of running commentary which captures where my views may be different with the benefit of hindsight. ┬áThere are still a lot of outstanding details – mainly technical ones – but I’m aiming for a release around October.