Crazy caller of the day 3

As previously mentioned things have been difficult in the call centre lately; despite it now being busy once again we have been told that the period in the doldrums has resulted in a cash-flow crisis and that to avoid layoffs we will all (at least us ordinary workers) have to take a 20% cut in the hours we work for the next 3 months right up until it all goes mad for the  Christmas build-up.

So against this backdrop some light relief was welcome. Fortunately one caller was happy to oblige. I sooooooo wished it was me who’d taken this call as it is the most crazy to date, but I had to just content myself with overhearing it….

A lady had called to complain on the line of one of our clients which deals with gifts. The lady had been sent a box containing a set of bath bombs. To anyone not in the know these are solid concoctions which you throw in your bath they then dissolve and release a fragrance or somesuch thing. Often these days they are made to look a bit like sweets………

And this is where our callers problem lay…..

They explained to my colleague that in their excitement upon receiving their gift they had taken a bath bomb and assuming it was a chocolate had taken a big bite from it…. It had they said tasted bitter and left them with a sore throat.

Their first reaction was to pick up the phone and contact not a medical professional, but us to  complain that it was not made clear enough that the bath bombs were not in fact chocolate.

As my colleague pointed out this was an issue that has never been raised before

Part of me feels bad, but I’m still laughing now!


Crazy Caller of the Day

Just thought I’d share this one:

Today a colleague took a call from a lady who was unhappy as she’d bought an item from another company and had just noticed our company was selling the same item for a few quid less.

According to my colleague the lady was particularly angry at us! She believed that as the products appeared similar we must be the same company. My colleague tried reasoning with the caller, telling her that it may well have been the case that our company had purchased the item in question from the same wholesaler, but to no avail the customer would just not have it and demanded to speak to a manager.

Just another day in customer services.